End of printed catalogues, price lists or instructions

Why wasting valuable company resources on the production of printed materials if you only intend to bring a customer to your company’s website? The web key will deal with this task easily and economically.

The device with made-to-measure design does not have rewritable memory, but only a small storage space with information for displaying the company website after connecting to a computer. The inability to upload a computer virus increases credibility. Antivirus protection releases your company web key into the client’s computer undoubtedly. So, you will certainly redirect every client to your website.

Increase the number of visits to your company website, product websites or advertising campaign for minimal costs!

You will acquire the made-to-measure WEB KEY for a keen price in comparison with an individual flash drive. The “gates to your website” will be open. The WEB KEY can be used to guide clients to the right page where they can subsequently download the latest catalogue, price list or other printed materials.

In general, the WEB KEY can boast high endurance, even ready for a contact with a “lummox client”. The high paperweight of 300 grams gives not only durability but especially a luxurious look.

The WEB KEY with individual design hidden in a brochure, company letter or leaflet can attract customers even more.

You will adapt “your key to success” in shape and size to the item being sold. The goods will gain attraction and a touch of mystery from the point of view: who is not curious, what content will the smart web key reveal?

Bet on the design WEB KEY with your company logo or any other motif. High-quality offset printing eliminates deviations of the resulting graphics from the provided materials. We supply the “feast for the eyes according to your wish” from 500 pieces.

If you wish to attract customers, even more, WEB KEY will provide you with this unusual attention.