Hot beverages for cold and hot days

Enjoy a working day? For more than 70 % of us a sci-fi. Make your stay in the office, work on your project, as well as a rest with favourite film more pleasant with the design and practical USB beverage heater.

It’s incredibly easy to become engrossed in going through social networks or playing an interesting game. Now, your gustatory cells don’t have to suffer because of your hobby anymore. Drinks you won’t get by will keep the temperature up to 60 °C during the whole day easily.

Would you like fluid lukewarm? You will turn off the elegant USB heater with a simple press of the button, so your coffee or tea will get cold to a pleasing temperature.

You can enjoy your beverage after a simple connection to your computer via USB. There is no need to install software that consumes time and disk space. Concurrently, you can be sure that you will enjoy your hot beverage at every computer. And on top of that with low electricity consumption.

As IT guys, we know that USB sockets are never enough. That’s why we equipped this handy assistant with four USB slots that can be used to all operations what standard connectors in your device can perform.

Forget about running around in shops to buy batteries; forget about a sudden “betrayal” of the discharged electronics. The USB heater does not contain segments so it will provide you with great services anytime, but more importantly for a long time.

The compact heater with sizes of 95 x 10 x 20 mm is a perfect gift for people working at the computer in longer periods. Especially for: programmers, webmasters, analysts, office workers, database administrators, architects and project architects, editors, animators, graphic designers, industrial designers, copywriters or students.

The time spent online forms one-quarter of our life. Please your loyal employees but also important business partners with a useful device with made-to-measure design. Give the people you care about a gift they will use happily and for a long time. And with your printed logo, they will always recall your company. Be simply different.