Which kind of USB stylus for operate the touch screen mobile phone, or tablet, choose?

Stylus, it really is not a word with grammatical errors - an antique writing tool called stilus. While the stylus is a subject, which resembles a pencil or ballpoint pen, which is usually made of plastic.For what is such a stylus used? The stylus is used as a tool for writing to the contact surfaces of screens, tablets or used to control the display of their mobile phone. For some technological needs stylus includes a passive or active circuit, which reacts with the desktop, to determine the exact position. Such built-in circuit can be activated by pressing the tip of the desktop. Stylus with passive circuits are used for example in graphic tablets. So if you summarize, the stylus is used primarily to control the touch screen mobile phone, graphics tablets, such as satellite navigation devices or as a personal digital assistant. Basic types of displays are either resistive - resistive or capacitive. For a capacitive screen, which is expensive, is used a special type stylus that simulates the shape and structure of the user's finger.

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