OTG USB flash drive, or if the On-The-GO stands for a new generation of USB ports on tablets and smartphones, which support OTG function. OTG allows devices such as USB digital audio player or mobile phone to communicate as a host device for USB devices such as USB memory flash drive, digital camera, computer mouse or keyboard. Using the USB OTG but allows the switch to the opposite configuration, in the role of guest client for other host equipment, e.g. computer and vice versa. For example, a mobile phone can be retrieved from a connected device, such as host media or report itself as a storage medium connected to the PC. Similarly bind together the cable connection eg. Two mobile phones. With this feature you can simply and easily transfer photos, videos and other data.

The printing technology is used tampon printing or digital printing technology in CMYK. Promotional USB flash drives, which are produced in combination plastic / metal can be used laser engraving technology.

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