What is it VIDEO BOOKLET? Video booklet is an innovative advertising medium for promotion. It is a unique combination of image, sound and emotion. The LCD screen is set in a luxurious sheets that are printed in their own design. High-quality sound spread from the speaker that is embedded in the plates. Once the board is opened, automatically triggered video presentation. Playback can also be triggered by individual keys. Component video booklet is a rechargeable lithium battery that provides power to the unit via a standard micro USB cable which is also used for data transfer.

Video booklet can be used for VIP company presentations, exhibitions, projects, services, new products, PR, anniversary, thank original, training or as invitation.

A study of consumers showed that 85% prefer watching and listening than reading. In 72% of consumer video accelerates the purchase decision compared with a printed leaflet.

Video booklet will help you stand out in a completely different way, original and creates a memorable impression on your promotion.

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